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Solenoid Valves

Malaysia sole distributor for Sanlixin Solenoid Valves.


SLC series

Suitable for use in water dispenser, water pumps, RO machine, coffee machine, filter machine, waste water system.

SLDF series for underwater

SLDF series solenoid valve provides on-off control of fluid media on auto-control system. This is series is designed for music fountain and dancing fountain.

JZF series angle seat valve

Suitable for beer beverage, disinfection equipment, rubber machinery, textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, food processing, water treatment equipment, liquid filling equipment, etc.

ZS series large diameter direct acting

Suitable for water, hot water, air. Body material is forged brass/cast brass.

ZS plastic series zero press. differential

Low cost, light weight, good appearance, and easy to install.

SM series

Characteristics of SM coil:
1. Power will be 1/4 of the original coil.
2. Able to work longer and withstand more heat and long life cycle.
3. Coil put tension enhanced 3 times faster response speed.
4. Significantly lowering the controller power.
5. Suitable for super high pressure solenoid valve.

SLP Compact series

Serialized products, small in size, large flow rate

For other models that are not listed on our page, please kindly contact us