Solenoid Valves

We have different types of solenoid valve for different industries. You can download our product catalogue for further information on the type of valve you are searching for.


Agriculture & Irrigation Valve

-Irrigation system
-Sprinkler system
-Fertigation farming
-Hydroponic system

Oil & Gas Valve

-Oil & gas pipeline
-Oil mill equipment
-Explosion-proof pipeline


Water/Coffee/Ice Machine Valve

-Water filter
-Coffee machine
-Vending machine
-Ice machine

Normal Water Valve

-For everyday use

-Normal pressure water system

Industrial Gas Valve

-Industrial furnace
-LPG system
-Firefighting pipeline

Air Operated Valve


-Powered by pneumatic air

Steam and Heat Conduction Oil Valve

-Thermoconnector oven
-Heat conduction equipment

Strong/weak Acid & Alkali, Salt Water Valve

-Rubber manufacturing
-Waste water treatment

Submersible, Water Fountain Valve

-Water fountain system
-Flood prevention

SM Energy Saving Valve

Characteristics of SM coil:

1. Power will be 1/4 of the original coil.

2. Able to work longer and withstand more heat and long life cycle.

3. Coil put tension enhanced 3 times faster response speed.

4. Significantly lowering the controller power.

5. Suitable for super high pressure solenoid valve.

5/2-way Solenoid Valves

-For pneumatic use

High Pressure Valve

-High pressure system&equipment
-High pressure car wash/jet wash
-Thermoconnector oven
-Dry ice system

NO2, CO2, Oxygen, High/Low Temp. Valve

-Dry ice system
-Various manufacturing equipment

Medical & Pharmaceutical Valve

-Dental equipment
-Pharma machinery

Automatic Sensor Faucet Valve

-Sensor hand wash tap
-Sanitizer sensor
-Flush sensor

HVAC Valve

-Heater system
-Ventilation system
-Air-cond & refrigerant system

Solar Water System Valve

-Solar heater
-Solar irrigation

Timer Drainage & Compressor Valve


Vacuum Valve

-Vacuum packing equipment
-Vacuum machine

Marine Valve

-Marine shipyard
-Ship equipment

Coaxial Valve

-For high viscosity medium
-Lubricant oil

For other models that are not listed on our page, please kindly contact us

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