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Precision Engineering Equipment

Other than process control instruments, we also have machines that provide different services such as CNC milling, Mold and die machining, 5 axis turning grinding, etc. 

We are the sales agent for Xinhengyu NC Technology Co.,Ltd. Xinhengyu NC Technology is a professional manufacturer of CNC machine tools. With the company's core values of innovation, production and expertise management, Xinhengyu aims to be a high tech machine builder of cutting edge technology.The company is situated at Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the hub of business and transportation. Owing to its advanced production facilities, strong technical strength, stringent quality assurance, Xinhengyu has established a countrywide sales/service network striving for customer's total satisfaction. The company motto of "Integrity, Pragmatism and Innovation" powers Xinhengyu pursuit for higher quality as well as craftsmanship standards so as to maximize business scale and share benefit with clients. Products with the most appealing price-performance ratios, together with first class service, bring Xinhengyu customers not only production solutions but also competitive strength in the market. Choosing Xinhengyu machines, quality, performance and service are guaranteed.


Double Column Vertical Machining Center

HD Series

Designed for Extra-heavy Parts Machining.

This series of machining is suitable for two types of column- fixed column & travelling column. The HD series Double Column Vertical Machining Center from ARC motive, 3C and TFT/LCD. Click on the picture to learn more.

CNC Tapping Centers

HT Series

The Best Equipment for Mass Production.

This series of machining is suitable for mass production of small/medium parts. It's standard spindle speed can run from 12000-30000 RPM. Click on the picture to learn more.

RM series(1).jpg

High Speed Horizontal Machining Center with 2APC

RM Series

Designed for your specialize needs.

This series of machining comes with ATC system that can cut object precisely. Suitable for car manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, semiconductor and etc. Click on the picture to learn more.

Double Column High Speed Machining Center

HE Series

Flag-ship Equipment for High Speed High Precision Machining.

This series of machining has a very high standard spindle speed of 24000 rpm. Moreover, it has a direct-coupled 3 axis motors. The 3 axes motors are direct coupled with ball screws, featuring 100% transmission efficiency without loss, no backlash, high response and high accuracy. Click on the picture to learn more.

HE Series(1).jpg

Vertical Machining Centers

HL Series

All Aspect Metal Working and Machining Machine.

This series of machining is suitable in all aspects of work. It is consider the "Jack of all trades". Click on the picture to learn more.

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