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Original imported from USA.

Controller features as below:

With 4- to 22-station scalability, the ESP-Me helps you better manage your yard and garden. The more stations you add, the more you save. 


Best of all, you can upgrade existing ESP-Me installations by simply installing a new WiFi-compatible front panel and LNK™ WiFi Module, without having to replace the entire unit. *(LNK WIFI Module Sold Separately.)


Rain Bird recommends that the maximum irrigation zone cycle time be less than the time required for runoff to begin and that there be adequate soak time before the next irrigation cycle of that same zone begins again.


Operating Specifications:

-Upgradeable for WiFi-based remote monitoring and control via iOS and Android mobile devices (with LNK WiFi Module sold separately).
-Internet based weather information can be used to make daily adjustments to the irrigation schedule, saving up to 30% in water.
-Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface.
-Master valve/pump start circuit.
-Non-Volatile (100 year) storage memory  
-Remotely Programmable under 9V battery power (not included)  
-Program based scheduling allows 4 individual programs with 6 independent start times per program for 24 total start times.
-Watering schedule options: By days of week, ODD calendar days, EVEN calendar days, or Cyclic (every 1 – 30 days) advanced features.
-Advanced diagnostics and short detection with LED alert.
-Contractor Default™ Program Save/Restore saved program(s)    
-Rain Sensor bypass by Station  
-Delay Watering up to 14 days (applies only to stations not set to ignore Rain Sensor)  
-Manual Watering option by program or station  
-Seasonal Adjust applied to all programs or individual program  
-Adjustable delay between valves (default set to 0)  
-Master Valve on/off by station


Operating Specifications:

Station timing: 1 minute to 6 hours
Seasonal Adjust: 5% to 200%
Max operating temperature: 149°F (65°C)


Electrical Specifications:

Input required: International models: 230V∿, 50Hz, 0.2A
Output: International models: 25.5V∿, 50Hz, 1A
Master Valve/Pump Start Relay
Operating Voltage: 24VAC 50/60Hz
Max Coil Inrush: 11VA
Max Coil Holding: 5VA
Idle/Off power draw 0.06 amps at 120VAC
Power back-up not required. Nonvolatile memory permanently saves the current programming and a 10-year life lithium battery maintains the controllers time and date during power outages



230V Models: CE [European Union], IP24, RCM [Australia and New Zealand]



Width: 10.7 in. (27.2 cm)
Height: 7.7 in. (19.5 cm)
Depth: 4.4 in. (11.2 cm)

[ORIGINAL] Rain Bird Irrigation Timer Controller (ESP-ME) Series

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