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Brand. : Sanlixin

Voltage: AC220V DC24V DC12V

Pressure: 0-500mbar

Body Material: Forged Brass

Seal Material: Viton

Size: 1/2"-1"

Orifice: 15-25mm

Media: Coal Gas, Natural Gas, LPG etc.


*If you need other requirements (eg: size/material/pressure etc), please contact us.


How it works?

In normal situation, coil is deenergized and the plunger is normally open. When accident such as gas leakage happen, alarm(which buyer have to fix themselves) will be triggered, and solenoid valves that is connected to it will make the coil to be energized, and the valve will be quickly closed in order to stop any gas to further flow through. After finished dealing with the accident, just press back the black button so that the valve will work as usual.

SCF Fuel Gas Emergency Cut Off Solenoid Valve (Normally Open)

  • One year warranty

  • FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia only.

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