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ORIGINAL Rain Bird Rain Sensor


This device is a sensor for detecting rain, equipped with special support iron so that it can fit the angle of the device.

This rain sensor will detect rainfall in accordance with the setting, e.g. Drizzle rain, or light rain or heavy rain. 5 – 20 mm. Connected to the controller to reduce even the splitting of the sprinkler timer.
Basically, it will automatically stop the water flow if rain is detected, therefore, help saving water.

The RSDBEX A61200 rain sensors are made of high-grade material, UV resistance polymer has high weather resistance, thus reducing service risk.

It is produced by rain bird operating in California, USA, which has produced and offered the largest series of irrigation products in industry for agriculture, golf courses, sports arena, commercial development, and home in over 130 countries worldwide.


Mechanical Properties:
-Multiple rainfall settings from 1⁄8"– ¾" (5 - 20 mm) are quick and easy with just the twist of a dial  
-Adjustable vent ring helps control drying time  
-High-grade, UV resistant polymer body resists the elements  
-Comes with 5" latching aluminum bracket  
-Not compatible with ESP-SMT or ESP-SMTe controllers.


Electrical Specifications:
-Application: Suitable for low voltage 24 VAC control circuits and 24 VAC pump start relay circuits. Not recommended for use with high voltage pump start, pump start relay circuits or devices. 
-Switch electrical rating: 3A @ 250 VAC  
-Capacity: Electrical rating suitable for use with up to ten 24 VAC,7 VA solenoid valves per station, plus one master valve  
-Wire: 25' (7.6 m) length of #20, 2 conductor UV resistant extension wire.


-Overall length: 6.5" (16.5 cm)  
-Overall height: 5.4" (13.7 cm)  
-Bracket hole pattern: 1.25" (3.2 cm)

Rain Bird Rain Sensor- RSDBEX A61200

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