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Type: Mechanical Switches/2SPDT

Voltage AC: 250V 3A, 125V 5A

            DC: 250V 0.2A,125V 0.4A, 30V 4A, 14V 5A, 8V 5A

Comes with micro switch certification

Enclosure IP67


APL210N position limit switch is a signal device for the remote control of valve, it shows the working condition of valve by the switch. It contains mechanical switch and proximity switch, and widely applies to petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food, electricity, coal gas, pro-environment, metallurgy and paper making, etc.


Performance Features:

-The switch is installed separately, convenient maintenance and replacement

-Firm and compact design

-Die-casting aluminium

-Quick cam machine, fix springs on the cam without tools

-Convenient installation, NAMUR standard stainless steel and frame

-Reasonable design for frame connecting hole


APL-2N Series Limit Switch Box (Valve Position Indicator)

  • FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia only.

  • 1 year local supplier warranty

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